We’re announcing our transition to digital, making the responsible use of paper one of our top priorities. We’ve taken significant steps to reduce our paper footprint, adopting eco-responsible practices for an Auberge 2.0!

Drastic reduction in paper printing:

We’ve decided to turn the page on unnecessary printing. Say goodbye to welcome books, leaflets and other written communications in paper format! Today, all the information you need is available online, on our new website. You can access it easily, from anywhere, at any time.

Wifi for instant connection:

To facilitate your digital experience, we’ve installed wifi throughout the hostel. You’ll be able to log in quickly and access information, consult our services and even receive your invoices – all online!

Encourage invoices to be sent by e-mail:

We have chosen to send invoices by e-mail instead of printing them. This initiative is part of our drive to reduce paper waste. By opting for electronic invoicing, we are actively helping to protect our environment.

Goodbye cheques, hello bank transfers:

We have achieved a significant reduction in the use of cheques in favor of more responsible payment methods. Working with an accounting firm, we set up bank transfers for Auberge payments, eliminating the use of cheques and simplifying our financial transactions.

Blackboard: the sustainable way to advertise:

We are delighted to inform you that our communication of last-minute information or important changes is now done via a blackboard. With chalk, we can change information at will, avoiding the need to print unnecessary documents.

A new website and blog to share information:

In order to share all the essential information with our customers while reducing printing, we have created a new website with a dedicated blog. You’ll find a complete list of activities, hostel initiatives and much more. Our blog is an interactive space where we can share all important information with you.

The old model vs. the new model:

Previously, every incoming email was printed, communications were via printed leaflets and press releases, and invoices and confirmations were given to customers in hard copy. The welcome books were regularly reprinted, due to the frequent changes in the restaurant menu and timetable, depending on the activities. Ads were also shared in this way.

Your support counts:

As customers and friends of our Auberge, your support in this process is essential. Your support for our transition to digital enables us to move towards a more responsible future.

Many thanks:

In conclusion, we’d like to thank you warmly for your support in this transition to Auberge 2.0. Together, we are committed to a sustainable, eco-responsible approach to preserving our planet.

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