From reducing travel to reusing packaging, we’re committed to doing our part for a greener future.

Optimizing purchasing :

We have set up dispensers and dosers in our kitchen and laundry facilities, enabling us to manage our supplies more efficiently. What’s more, we’ve centralized our purchases with a single distributor, who delivers at the same time as the other products we were already buying. This reduces travel and promotes better resource management.

Giving furniture and equipment a second life:

At our hostel, we attach great importance to the reuse and recovery of resources. Used furniture, bedding, towels and other equipment that no longer meet the Auberge’s quality standards are donated to our employees, local organizations and the community. We believe in giving objects a second chance to avoid waste and extend their useful life.

Reuse of packaging :

Our commitment to waste reduction is also reflected in our approach to packaging. Instead of throwing them away after the first use, we encourage the reuse of packaging. For example, we use glass jars to preserve food or make homemade preserves. This practice helps limit our waste production and gives packaging a second life.

Learning from our waste:

As part of our drive to raise awareness of recycling, we use transparent blue bags for recycling. This approach aims to encourage and inform our customers and staff about the importance of recovery. In addition, we use transparent garbage can bags to easily identify sources of waste, with the aim of better understanding our consumption habits and directing our efforts towards an overall reduction in waste.

Your support is our motivation:

We would like to thank our customers and our community for their support in our green initiatives. Your involvement and awareness of these sustainable practices are essential if we are to build a more responsible world together.

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