The vibrant energy of the 140 volunteer actors in “La Fabuleuse Histoire d’un Royaume” lit up the stage one last time on August 19, marking the end of an exceptional 36th tourist season that captured the imagination of 31,909 lucky spectators.

A Memorable Edition: The Fabulous 2023

For this enchanting edition of 2023, the full-scale show featured a never-before-seen tableau dealing with the 1971 St-Jean-Vianney tragedy. With several subtle adjustments to its staging, “La Fabuleuse Histoire d’un Royaume” once again proved its crucial role in the Quebec tourism ecosystem.

This major tourism pillar alone generates over $6.5 million in annual economic spin-offs for the region. With an eloquent satisfaction rate of 95%, it has forged a first-rate reputation across the province, attracting over 80% of its audience from outside the region.

A Stronger Connection with the Local Community

The year 2023 brought a striking new feature: the initiative to include Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean residents as ambassadors of this legendary story. By offering a special 2-for-1 rate for four of the twenty-two performances, the organization succeeded in its aim. These sold-out evenings boosted regional attendance to an exceptional 35%, well ahead of previous years, which recorded around 15%.

The cheers are unanimous, whether at the end of the show or during the discussions. The conclusion is unanimous: this is the best edition of “La Fabuleuse Histoire d’un Royaume”! The latest technological enhancements, the original paintings and the acting all contributed to creating an outstanding experience. Isabelle Gagnon, General Manager of Diffusion Saguenay, the production company behind the show, underlines the show’s vocation as a major tourism catalyst, attracting large numbers of visitors and contributing to the region’s economic diversity.

Familiar faces shine

Among this year’s notable innovations, the arrival of new director Jimmy Doucet and illustrious spokesman René Simard has brought a new dimension to “La Fabuleuse Histoire d’un Royaume”. René Simard and his wife, Marie-Josée Taillefer, even joined the cast on a special evening, creating a unique moment for the audience and an exceptional opportunity for the actors to share the stage with this charismatic couple.

Numbers That Speak

The figures speak for themselves: 35% of spectators are from the region, 5% come from abroad, 60% are from other regions of Quebec, 8% attend as a group, 2% as a package deal, and 90% are individuals. All these factors contributed to the impressive total of 31,909 spectators for the 2023 edition.

A Continuing Legacy

Diffusion Saguenay expresses its sincere gratitude to the volunteer actors, who are the beating heart of this stage epic. The show will return in summer 2024 for its 37th season, promising to continue to captivate and inspire with this fabulous story that sits proudly among Quebec’s most talked-about events.


Source: Nat Corbeil

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