L’Auberge des 21 has embarked on a sustainable development initiative to shape its future in a more responsible and environmentally-friendly way. We are committed to reducing our ecological impact, supporting our local community and promoting sustainable practices.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Our commitment to sustainable development is rooted in our mission to minimize our ecological footprint through concrete, everyday actions that have a significant impact. We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment, society and the economy, and we are determined to act for a better future.


  1. Reduction at source: Reduce the use of single-use plastic and encourage the adoption of reusable solutions in all hostel activities. We plan to cease printing documents such as leaflets, placemats and other non-essential paper media, opting instead for electronic and digital formats to reduce our environmental impact in the future.
  2. Reuse: Encourage the reuse and recycling of materials and equipment to minimize waste.
  3. Recycling: Set up a selective sorting system to optimize waste management and promote recycling.
  4. Water savings: Implement practices to reduce water consumption while maintaining service quality.
  5. Responsible sourcing: giving priority to local and environmentally-friendly products in our operations.
  6. Reduce energy consumption: Adopt measures to minimize energy consumption and cut costs.
  7. Sustainable mobility: Promote more sustainable modes of transport, particularly cycling, for customers and staff.
  8. Social involvement: Actively supporting the local community and fostering social cohesion through various initiatives.


The Bay, October 7, 2022

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