Saguenay passed the symbolic milestone of 500,000 cruise passengers at the Port of La Baie. It’s an achievement we had to share with you, because it’s an event that makes the whole community proud. This landmark event testifies to the region’s growing appeal to international travelers, and the significant economic spin-offs that result.

Florida couple Ilene Weiner and her husband had the privilege of hosting this special moment as they disembarked from the Caribbean Princess, a ship in the Princess Cruises line.

Commenting on the event, Priscilla Nemey, the organization’s general manager, said, “At every stage of our growth, we are increasingly aware of the economic benefits and growing popularity of our destination.”

We’d like to remind everyone that you’re welcome to come and watch these impressive cruise ships, and to explore the nearby harbour village, where many local merchants will give you a warm welcome. In addition, a special exhibition entitled “On a riverbank near you” is currently on display at the International Cruise Pavilion, raising visitors’ awareness of the current problem of plastic pollution through art.

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to see these majestic cruise ships and plan your visit, look no further! Consult the full international cruise schedule here to plan your day in Saguenay.

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