Important announcement: Permanent closure of our Nordic baths


Dear loyal customers,

It is with a mixture of regret and gratitude that we announce the definitive closure of our Nordic baths. This decision was prompted by a number of factors that made their continued existence untenable.

First of all, the lack of personnel to ensure proper maintenance of our two hot-water basins and the cold-water basin was a major challenge. On the other hand, the cumbersome governmental requirements concerning the numerous registers that had to be kept up to date, as well as the multitude of laboratory analyses required

Secondly, we are aware of our environmental responsibilities. The Nordic baths required significant consumption of natural resources and energy. Despite our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, we felt it was time to explore more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Although we’re closing our Nordic baths, rest assured that this marks the beginning of a new era for our establishment. We’re already thinking about how to redesign the inner courtyard to make it a pleasant space for our customers. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome in this evolutionary process.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your understanding and support throughout this transition period.


The Auberge des 21 team
The Bay, June 30, 2023

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