Auberge des 21


L’Auberge des 21, invites you to a place renowned for its warm and cozy comfort, its personalized welcome and for its gastronomic cuisine, our establishment allows you to pleasantly combine work and pleasure.

Our experienced staff will take charge of your group from the moment you arrive. We offer different packages adapted to your needs, whether it is for a day meeting, shoulder lake with overnight stay, 5 to 7, dinner or any other formula. If you are looking for a team building activity, a social activity to enhance your conference, we will find what you need.

The Boréale Room

Maximum capacity: 50 people (depending on room configuration)

Room rental policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the conditions and procedures for the rental of rooms at the Auberge des 21. Any organization, public or private, as well as any individual aged 18 or over, may apply to rent a room for private or corporate events or activities, provided they comply with this policy. Private or corporate events or activities covered by this policy include private and corporate parties, conferences, meetings, training sessions, award ceremonies, launches, cocktail parties, banquets, shows and any other event or activity of a similar nature.

  1. Rental request :

    • Requests must be submitted at least 15 days before the event.
    • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.
    • Rental rates vary according to room size, length of rental and additional equipment required.
    • Details of the planned event or activity must be provided at the time of application.
  2. Rental conditions :

    • A rental contract will be drawn up once the application has been approved and payment terms agreed.
    • Full payment must be made when signing the contract to confirm the reservation.
    • No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation.
    • The manager will be invoiced for the number of guests confirmed 10 days before the event.
  3. Schedules and restrictions :

    • Our rooms are available for rent in blocks of 4 hours between 7am and 11pm.
    • The customer must respect the agreed rental hours. Bar service and music, where applicable, must cease at least half an hour before the end of the activity.
    • Activities must end by 11pm at all times.
  4. Respect for the premises :

    • Room decoration must be carried out during the hours specified on the day of the event.
    • No changes may be made to the leased premises without the prior written authorization of the administration.
    • No display will be allowed without the authorization of a manager. The installation of posters, signs or other advertising media is strictly forbidden without prior written authorization.
    • Adhesive materials may not be used on walls, ceilings or floors.
    • The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the rented areas and must return them in their original condition at the end of the rental period.
    • The tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the hall, adjacent spaces and works of art.
  5. Liability for breakage or damage :

    • The tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the rented space, equipment and furniture.
    • In the event of breakage or damage caused by the tenant or his/her guests, replacement or repair costs will be charged.
    • The hirer is responsible for all claims for lost, missing or stolen items, as well as for any damage or accident to persons or property occurring during the term of the contract.
  6. Compliance with the law :

    • The tenant must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • Smoking, vaping and the use of illegal substances are prohibited on the premises.
    • Music volume must be reasonable and comply with current regulations.
    • The lessee is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and complying with copyright and broadcasting laws.
  7. Maximum room capacity :

    • The client must respect the maximum capacity of the room.

By agreeing to rent a room at the Auberge des 21, you agree to abide by the conditions set forth in this policy. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you to your event.

Rates and packages


Room configuration for events depends on the type of event you’re organizing and the number of participants expected. Here are some common configurations for different types of events:

Theater or conference configuration :

  • The chairs are arranged in straight lines, facing the speaker or the stage.
  • There’s often a central aisle to allow participants to move around easily.

School configuration :

  1. Tables and chairs are arranged in rows, allowing participants to take notes or use laptops.
  2. Perfect for training courses, workshops or seminars where participants need space to take notes and use equipment such as laptops.

U or O configuration:

  • Tables are arranged in a U or O shape, with chairs on the outside of the shape.
  • This configuration is ideal for group discussions, interactive presentations and meetings where all participants need to be able to see each other easily.

Banquet configuration :

  • Round or oval tables are laid out in the room, with chairs around them.
  • This configuration is ideal for small-group discussions or informal meetings.

Cocktail configuration :

  • There are no chairs or tables, and everyone is free to go wherever they please.
  • It’s the ideal layout for a cocktail party, encouraging standing interaction and informal conversation.

Meeting room configuration :

  • A large table is set in the center of the room, with chairs all around.
  • Ideal for team meetings, formal discussions and collaborative work sessions.

Island configuration :

  • Square tables are arranged in smaller groups, forming islands in the room.
  • Perfect for interactive training sessions, hands-on activities and small-group workshops.

Show configuration :

  • Tables or exhibition stands are arranged around the room, with aisles between them.
  • Perfect for trade shows, commercial exhibitions or fairs where exhibitors can showcase their products or services.

These configurations are flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your event, the number of participants, the type of interaction required, visibility and access.

When planning an event, it’s important to take into account other aspects such as access to emergency exits, visibility of the screen or stage, room acoustics, the audiovisual equipment required, and so on. It may also be useful to consult an event management specialist or the venue staff for specific advice based on your needs.



It’s essential to stress that our area of expertise lies exclusively in accommodation, venue rental and catering, and that we are not wedding coordinators. However, to ensure that your special event runs smoothly and successfully, we strongly advise you to work with an agency specializing in event organization. These professionals have the skills to take the stress out of planning, ensuring efficient follow-up with your decorating suppliers and seamless management of all organizational aspects. This will enable you to live every moment of this memorable day to the full, with complete peace of mind.

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