We’re proud to welcome you to a place where comfort, hospitality and sustainability go hand in hand. Today, we’re delighted to announce a new initiative that’s very close to our hearts: the reuse of sheets and towels for the duration of your stay.

Preserving the environment, together :

We live in a time when preserving our environment is more crucial than ever. As part of the hospitality industry, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We firmly believe that by adopting sustainable practices, we can make a significant difference to our planet.

How does it work?

When you arrive in your room, you’ll notice that we’ve carefully prepared your bed with clean, soft sheets. From now on, the decision is yours! If you wish, you can take part in our sheet reuse program. Rather than changing them every day, our staff will respect your preferences and refrain from changing the sheets daily.

Similarly, for towels in your bathroom, you can let us know if you prefer to reuse them by simply hanging them on the towel rail. Should you require additional or replacement towels, we will of course be delighted to provide you with what you need.

The benefits of this initiative :

  1. Reduced environmental impact: By reusing your sheets and towels, you directly contribute to saving the water and energy that would otherwise be used for their frequent washing. This significantly reduces our collective carbon footprint and preserves our precious natural resources.
  2. Fewer chemicals: By reducing the frequency of washing sheets and towels, we also reduce the use of chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment.
  3. Commitment to a sustainable future: By choosing to take part in this initiative, you become a partner in our quest for a greener, more nature-friendly future. Together, we’re laying the foundations for positive change and inspiring others to follow suit.

Your contribution counts :

Every little bit counts, and by reusing your sheets and towels, you become a key player in the positive change we want to see in the world. We would like to thank you warmly for your participation in this environmental initiative.

We’re here for you:

If you have any questions, specific requirements or would simply like to find out more about our sheet and towel reuse initiative, please do not hesitate to contact our reception team. We’re here to help make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Together, let’s make this a memorable experience, while taking action to preserve our beautiful planet.

Welcome to our home, and thank you for being part of this positive change!

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