We have placed water saving and the reduction of chemical products at the heart of our approach, for a healthier, preserved environment.

A second life for our old tables :

We decided to give a second life to our old tables rather than replace them. In keeping with our commitment to sustainable development, we called in a specialist company to restore the furniture to its former glory. The result is simply magnificent!

Goodbye to cloth tablecloths and napkins:

In renovating our tables, we also chose to do away with the use of cloth tablecloths and napkins. These items require daily washing with chemicals such as bleach to remain impeccable. By eliminating these elements, we significantly reduce our water consumption and our ecological footprint.

An eco-responsible approach:

By choosing to refurbish our tables rather than replace them, we avoid the production of waste and extend the life of these pieces of furniture.

The benefits of these changes :

  1. Water savings: By avoiding the daily washing of cloth tablecloths and towels, we contribute to a more responsible use of water, a precious resource.
  2. Reducing chemicals: By eliminating the use of bleaches and other chemicals, we protect air and water quality, as well as the health of our team and our customers.
  3. A new, warm, aesthetic space: The renovation of our tables has given a new lustre to our Salle de Café, creating a warm, aesthetic space for our guests.

Your support is the driving force behind our approach:

As committed customers and partners, your support is the driving force behind our commitment to eco-responsibility. Together, we’re working for a cleaner, healthier world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Coffee Room:

In conclusion, the entire L’Auberge des 21 team looks forward to welcoming you to our renovated Salle de Café. Here you can relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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